Frequently Asked Questions

PT. Sentral Koneksi Internasional provides products that are suitable for a wide range of industrial usage. Our products are being used mainly in manufacturing and maintenance. 

We will reply maximum 3-5  working days. However, we will try to reply as soon as possible for your convenience.

You can contact directly to the head office located in Surabaya, Indonesia through the office telephone number. Find out more here.

Yes, we accept partnership. We require for the interested partner to give us a proposal and will be followed by a formal meeting in order to discuss the future.

You could contact us with details of the products and the defect. Our technicians will make thorough investigations on the affected products. Compensations will be given to the buyers if the terms and conditions are met. 

No, we will not issue any refund. However, we could compensate the affected goods with the new ones. The goods will only be compensated once it is investigated by our technicians.

Yes, you can. However, please make an appointment through the head office beforehand in order to make the process faster.

Due to the large varieties of the products, we could only hand it directly during an appointment. Please contact our Customer Service in order to know more regarding our products.

After an appointment with us, our technicians will get to know your needs better. Once we know what you need, we could recommend on the products that will fulfill your needs. We could perform a product demonstration during an appointment with you. We could give a free sample afterwards.

PT Sentral Koneksi Internasional provides the highest quality of products. We have proven the quality of our products with many satisfied users.