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Starting from 3 April 2023, PT. Sentral Koneksi Internasional is in the process of upgrading its management system. The management system upgrade will be based on International Operational Standardization (ISO) standards, that will improve the company’s credibility, quality and management sustainability. During the process of this system management upgrade, PT. Sentral Koneksi Internasional is committed to implement the ISO 9001:2015 standardization in order to prioritize our partners’, existing and potential clients’ satisfaction.

PT. Sentral Koneksi Internasional will announce its ISO 9001:2015 certification date once it is ready. The certificate will also be published to public as a sign of completion.

If you would like to enquire  further in regards of ISO 9001:2015 implementation, please contact us here.




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About Us

Excelling for more than 15 years in the industrial lubricant and chemical industry, PT. Sentral Koneksi Internasional has been a leading company, building professional team and focusing on the same vision and mission. Founded the brand Certop® in Indonesia, headquartered in Surabaya since 1997.

As an official distributor and partner of NCH Corporation in Indonesia, PT. Sentral Koneksi Internasional has always been providing generous amount of solutions to customers and users through our products.

With wide varieties of products, each provide its unique  function. We provide every industrial lubrication solutions possible with the highest standard products and service. Our main brands include Certop®, NCH and Clarion.

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